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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fall Of The Mighty-Kangaaroos @ the Horizon

Well, it's strange and wonderful that something unusual took place in the world of Cricket on the same day I decided to blog on Cricket. Every superpower had ended one day, after it's long reign. Superpowers are meant to be dethroned. Sometimes, their end will be suicidal and sometimes they are overpowered by others. It is something that should be taken place because it is the law of nature. Dinosaurs were the emperors on the earth for a long time. The strong gigantic animals could not survive the climate change. Nepolian was formidable, still he was beaten by the British. And It was the turn of men like Gandhi to put an end to the British rule. Soviet union has perished. US is degrading. Yes!! it is universal and it is inevitable. The fall of the mighty!!

The men in yellow. Once, the invincible The Australian Cricket team is out of the ICC World T20 without a single win. It is something that the entire world was waiting for. It is something Australians afraid of. They were riding, NO!, flying on the wings of extraordinary talents like McGrath,Warne,Gilchrist and Hayden. Once their era is ended the sun started to touch the horizon. Teams like India and South Africa got better of Aussies. Now they are a bunch of players who can be easily beaten by all the test playing nations. They were chased by the Bagaladesis in the warm up match to make a score around 190. They don't have young talents now. The resource is minimum. It will take another 4-5 years for them to come back to their lost glory. Aussies might be thinking that they will make it big at the Ashes. But things are not looking good for them. Considering the form of England and watching Aussie players itself the task seems to be a Himalayan one! But we need them back to their glory, back to form, back on to victories!! For that we have to wait, may be a little longer one.

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hmm..its time for ausies to reelook into there stragies

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